How to use fragrance to get the mindset you want

"With your initial encounter (...of a fragrance), you begin forming nerve connections that intertwine the smell with emotions. The capacities for both smell and emotion are rooted in the same network of brain structures, the limbic system. The olfactory center also interacts directly with the hippocampus, a brain area involved in the formation of new memories." (Link to website/ The Hidden Force of Fragrance: Boost your health and mood by surrounding yourself with pleasant scents. By PT Staff published November 1, 2007 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016)

The quote above illustrates how the brain intertwines fragrance and memories. Pairing a scent that makes us happy with an activity will condition the mind to link the smell, feeling, and task together. With repetition, we can train our minds to good moods, peak concentration, and even relaxation by sniffing. Use fragrance to alter your mood, and train yourself to have the mindset you want.

Steps to generate the mood you want:

  1. Start sniffing!                                                                                                           Begin to take notice of the scents all around you. Jot down notes on your phone or notepad of any feelings or memories that came up with the smell. The key is to notice and begin to find what makes you feel good and what you enjoy. 

  2. Make it easy to do and easy to repeat.                                                                     We want to make this process easy on ourselves. A suggestion is to place a coffee-scented candle with a book of matches on your desk. When you sit down to work, you will see the candle, which will be easy to light. The aroma of coffee from the candle can help you get into a productive state of mind. If this action is done repeatedly, your brain will become attuned to the smell of coffee and getting work done at your desk. 

And there you have it. By getting curious, consciously smelling fragrances, and observing how you feel and what associations come up, you could find yourself on a journey to new possibilities with your mood and mindset! 

Here are some fragrances with common associations to get you started on your journey.

-Rosemary for enhancing deep focus. 

-Jasmine for feeling more confident. 

-Frankincense for creativity.  

-Peppermint for energy  

-Lavender or ylang-ylang for relaxation.