I have spent most of my life in Northern California’s Sonoma County, and scent is intimately intertwined with daily life. An area rich in agriculture, the changing seasons become a story etched through the air – the unmistakable scent of grapes being crushed during harvest or lavender blooming in the spring. These scents have become a backdrop that are woven into countless moments, moods, and memories.
As serendipity would have it, my career has followed suit. With close to two decades of experience in product development and marketing, much of that has been spent in industries inextricably tied to scent – candles and wine. As the assistant buyer at candle company Illuminations, I learned the importance of balance in a fragrance, and how ingredients can impact the quality of a candle. I created and developed not only scents but also packaging, being guided by the aesthetic and design I would want to see in my own home. I was fortunate to then transition to wine packaging, marrying my job with what was previously just a passion and a hobby.
LightScapes was born out of this patchwork of experience, and my desire to let scents create lasting memories. Each night before cooking dinner and pouring a glass of wine, I light a candle. This ritual has become a peaceful retreat at the end of the day, and one I hope to share with you.