Gardenia Candle

An exquisite take on gardenia that is both creamy and warm, evoking a pure sense of comfort and familiarity…. silky gardenia joins creamy woody florals and indulgent notes of sandalwood, orris butter, and vanilla to evoke a sensation that is the perfect balance of sensuality and elegance.
With scents that remind one of taking a walk through a flower garden in Maui on a summer evening, Gardenia's aroma is one that leaves a timestamp of happy days in your memory.
Fragrance Notes:
Petitgrain Zest
Hints of Vanilla
Shea Butter
Orris Butter
Essential Oils:
Cilantro Extract
Cinnamon Leaf Extract
Ylang Ylang Flower Oil
Juniper Virginia Oil
Cumin Seed Extract
Burn time: 30-50 hrs
18 oz
3 Wicks

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