TGIF Candles & Cocktails

The LightScapes Candle Team has a lot of different personal interests, but one thing we all have in common is a love for craft cocktails!

I personally don't drink alcohol, so I use spirit free alternatives in place of the whiskey, bourbon, gin or vodka. (You would be amazed how yummy and refreshing many of the alternatives are these days!)

So light a candle and mix up a cocktail. It's Friday!

Recipe for aproximatly 2 servings:
In a shaker add:
-1/2 ripe peach🍑
-1 lg bunch basil
- squeeze 1/2 lemon or lime
-2 shots of bourbon (or spirit-free bourbon)
-sugar or honey to taste🍯
-splash tonic
muddle ingredients in the shaker
-add ice and shake to incorporate and chill
🥃rocks glass- pour over a large rock ice cube🧊
garnish with peach wedge and basil leaf