Gourmand Fragrance

What is a Gourmand?
Gourmands are food-inspired aromas such as cake, honey, chocolate, caramel, and vanilla frosting. While confections are the most popular, candles and perfumes are beginning to feature outlier scents such as tomato, cucumber, or spicy mezcal greens. These bright and zesty notes offer a cooling juxtaposition to traditional sweets. As a newer addition to the fragrance wheel, gourmands are continuously expanding and evolving, providing a bold olfactory journey for those that dare!

A Brief History
Early in the 1990s, French designer Theirry Mugler released Angel perfume. The translucent blue star-shaped glass bottle is as iconic as the addictively sweet fragrance. Notes of praline, caramel, vanilla, and chocolate come together in a base of patchouli, making it a top seller today. Mugler defined the gourmand category and designated this family of scents a must-have addition to scent collections.

Our Gourmand Candles
Creativity abounded when the team began to dream up what candle scents we wanted to make for our Fall and Winter line. Warm cozy sweaters, dessert drinks, and mouth-watering baked goods took center stage. The result is a rich collection of Savory and Sweet Dough Bowl fragrances and the sweetest Ceramic Sweater Jars and Mugs you have ever seen. So pop over and take a look. It will be sure to get your mouth watering!