Splash in the Fresh Fragrance Profile

The fresh family of fragrances is like capturing all the best summer moments in a scent. They can be mineral and complex like a salt-kissed ocean breeze or sharp like the aroma of a mountain waterfall. The smell of laundry drying in the sun's warmth and the uplifting herbal smell of basil or rosemary freshly picked from a summer garden are classic fresh fragrances. But, perhaps the most iconic of them all is the unforgettable green aroma of newly cut grass.

This profile is often described as clean, aromatic, and refreshing. Listed below are some of the subcategories of the fresh family of fragrances with a brief description.

Aromatic: Fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil, and lavender make these fragrances reminiscent of natural surroundings and outdoor adventures.

Citrus: Often a top note with their refreshing and uplifting scents, bergamot, pomelo, and lime give the citrus subcategory their zesty and bright notes.

Aquatic:  Water notes make up this subcategory. They can be the refreshing smell of a waterfall or salty, marine-inspired aromas like seaspray at the beach. 

Green: Evoking feelings of renewal, fresh-cut grass and crushed tender leaves create sharp, crisp, and natural outdoor components that are hallmarks of this fragrance profile.