Honey Spice Candle

Honey Spice is an indulgent fragrance that is warm, spicy, and oh so sweet! Sugar-dipped hazelnuts draped in a golden swirl of honey and spice embrace a silky veil of french vanilla and oat blossom for a simple touch of soft serenity. 
Filling the room with warm and sweet notes, while blending a vanilla aroma with a hint of Autumn spice, Honey Spice carries you from the day-to-day world, back to a place of comfort and serenity.
Fragrance Notes:
Oat Blossom
Golden Honey
French Vanilla
Tonka Bean
Essential Oils:
Orange Peel Extract
Eucalyptus Leaf Oil
Artemisia Flower Oil
Cistus Leaf/Stem Extract
Cacao (Cocoa) Extract

Burn time: 30-50 hrs
18 oz.
3 Wicks

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